Best Online Casinos Canada 2022

Trusted online casinos in Canada 2022

Looking for best online casinos in Canada in 2022 that DO NOT disappoint? Find a list of all the best online casinos in Canada that we have tested and selected, their characteristics, reputation and details about deposits, payments and possible bonuses. Click on the online casino logo to read our comprehensive casino review. If you are looking for something specific, you can easily sort the list using the filters by casino category and different bonuses. Simply select the casino that best suits your needs and requirements.

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Best Online Casinos Canada 2022

Top online casino experiences 2022

In the Online Casinos section, you will find all trusted casinos listed on The casinos have been divided into different categories by the #AllCasinoBets team so that you can easily and quickly find all the bonus information on each casino card. Below you can find trusted and tested online casinos that you can legally play in Canada. Which online casinos do you have the best experiences in? What makes the best online casinos Canada 2022? Here are the current top online casino ventures. This list is updated regularly.


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888 Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1500

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Betsafe Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1000

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Betsson Welcome Bonus 100% up to $200

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Boom Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1600

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Casino Jefe Welcome Bonus 100% up to $275

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Casumo Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1800

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Caxino Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $200

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Genesis Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1000

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$10Min deposit


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Leovegas Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1000

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$10Min deposit


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Rizk Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $500

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Wildz Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $500

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Swift Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $100

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LocoWin Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1850

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Using the Online Casinos page

How to find right casino?

On the best online casinos page, you will find all the casinos we have reviewed. Finding the right casino for you is quick and easy with interactive features. Above the casino list there is a white navigation bar with quick links to each part of online casinos page content. Clicking on the casino's logo will take you to the comprehensive casino review. For those who wish to share their own experiences with other players in a specific casino, please leave your comment at the bottom of the page. And if you want to go directly to the online casino, simply click on "Play".

What are the best online casinos?

How best online casino works?

Online casinos and bookmakers are websites where you can play games of chance or make sports bets on the Internet.

These online casino websites work through RNG generators and mathematical algorithms that ensure fairness and are developed by specialist software development companies (Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, to name a few).

The most common games to find in an online casino are:

  • Slots or slot machines.
  • Online roulette.
  • Online blackjack.
  • Live Casino (roulette streamed live).
  • Sports bets.

Some online casinos also offer other trendy games like Poker, Bingo and even eSports.

Generally, online casinos apply for licenses in the respective countries where they offer their services. These licenses guarantee that your games are not modified in your favour and protect the player in case of claims or scams.

What should you look out for when choosing best online casinos?

How to choose the right casino?

If you're looking for the best online casino for your needs, you should pay attention to a few factors. You should pay attention to these points especially. Because in the case of online casinos, your money is ultimately at stake. Not only that, you could lose it completely in a dubious casino. Even if you win, only reputable online casinos guarantee that your winnings will actually be paid out reliably. You should therefore urgently pay attention to the following points:

Does the online casino have a reliable license?

This is one of the first questions a player should ask themselves when searching for an online casino. Because many countries or institutions issue gambling licenses. However, these are not always reliable and rigid in their awarding and testing procedures. Basically, it can be said that reputable providers have licenses that come from an EU country. Therefore, these are significantly more reputable than those from tax havens outside the EU. We present the most common licenses for online casinos here.

The online casino's license from Malta

In the Mediterranean Sea is the island nation of Malta, which has been a member of the European Union since 2004. Malta quickly boosted its economic performance through online and other emerging technologies such as blockchain and bitcoins as a small country. Thus, it was the first country in the EU to offer a gaming license to the whole of the EU. The online casino license has been carefully vetted to ensure that the game results and payouts are reliable and random. This license is now the most common government approval for online casinos.

If the typical clichΓ©s jump into your head regarding the "southern island state", you can give the all-clear. Because Malta was under British rule, which is not precisely known as laisser-faire, for over 100 years. They have introduced a rigid, bureaucratic system there. Ultimately, the EU country is also concerned with maintaining the integrity of its gaming license. In this respect, the provider is consistently sanctioned in the event of any misconduct. This also shows that the casinos that have successfully obtained one of the listed licenses in the UK and Germany previously held the MGA license and practically did not have to change their systems to obtain it.

UKGC license for online casinos

The UKGC is only of secondary interest as it only applies to online casinos from the UK. Since this is leaving the EU anyway, even more so. Nevertheless, it can be considered a good indicator for online casinos. Because the UKGC is by far the strictest supervisory authority. It does not shy away from imposing fines of many millions of pounds on casinos on the Internet for even the most minor offences. And these offences are stored publicly for years. Conversely, this means: an online casino with a flawless record with the UKGC is recommended without further ado.

The German online casino license

It's a matter of the country in Germany when it comes to online casinos. Until recently, they had always agreed to simply forbid everything. Up to that point, Schleswig-Holstein and a few other federal states, including Hessen and Hamburg, pulled out. Similar to Malta, they see opportunities rather than just risks in a regulated gambling sector. And so it came about that there was a gambling license from Germany for a while.

Although this only applied to citizens who lived in Schleswig-Holstein, it was still a gentle start for national regulation. Good to know: the online casinos that benefited from the license from Schleswig-Holstein were also licensed by the MGA. So that has a positive effect on the MGA license. In the meantime, the German permit has expired. However, it was agreed with the online casinos that have already been approved to operate in the state until further notice.

In addition, there is already a first draft of the new State Treaty on Gambling, which is already in force. Here, gambling in Germany is taken out of the legally gray area. Because it is still illegal to gamble outside the state-licensed casinos in Germany, but it is not prosecuted. After all, you play on the internet. So if you access a server located in Malta, you are entering Malta virtually. In addition, there is the freedom to provide services within the EU. And so, Germany was reprimanded several times by the EU when it wanted to take action against domestic European but foreign providers.

With the new legal regulation, Germany will in all likelihood, also receive a gaming license. It is currently planned to cap the possible deposit for players to € 1,000.00 per month. In addition, a central lock file is to be introduced against which all online casinos should check new registrations. Presumably, there will be a verification similar to the license from Schleswig-Holstein, which must be carried out after registration. And not before the payout, as is the case with the Maltese license.

Basically, we think these measures on the German side are largely sensible. Whether the state really has to stipulate how much you can deposit in the casino remains to be seen. But the instant verification and central lock file are beneficial for gamblers addicted to gambling.

The Curacao License

It was the first license for online casinos. Curacao is in the Caribbean, and the regulations were accordingly. It was awarded by the telecommunications regulator. And included a few guidelines regarding the reliability and security of the casinos. It is hardly used anymore. If you see them anyway, you have to be careful. Because the operators behind such an online casino are not always reliable and severe.

Where is the online casino located?

By far, most online casinos are based in Malta. This small island is located in the Mediterranean south of Italy. Located in the European Union, the country has the euro as its sole means of payment.

Malta had been an English colony since 1800 and was under its administration. So it is not surprising that Malta has been heavily influenced by the English administrative system through its long colonial history. Anyone who expects "Mediterranean" standards to prevail here (whatever that may mean) is wrong. In addition to the island's own Maltese, English is still the state's official language.

Malta has been independent of Great Britain since 1964. As a small island nation, survival in a globalized world is not as easy as in a large economy. In this respect, Malta relied on lucrative niche markets and an attractive tax model for international companies right from the start to make the country attractive for business and thus create jobs.

In other words, Malta became the second country to offer gambling licenses after Gibraltar, which is, incidentally, even smaller. Of course, it adheres to strict European guidelines and can also be sued for violations within the EU. In addition, since Malta is in no way inferior to its former colonial masters Great Britain in terms of bureaucracy and public administration, a reliable and regulated form of playing online slots is guaranteed.

Anyway, the location of the online casino is one of the most important factors when choosing an online casino. However, even though it is always theoretically possible to sue someone, there is still the question of whether a casino can also be sued in reality in the event of a dispute. This is possible in the European Union without extremely high costs. Any online casino that is based anywhere in the Caribbean will give you a much bigger headache.

Does the bonus in the online casino make a strong impression?

Casinos are economic businesses and have nothing to give away. Naturally, casinos are designed with the advantage of the house in mind. This is not exceptionally high, but it still allows casinos to make a profit.

In roulette, for example, this is the green zero. It is common for players to bet on red or black, meaning their chances of winning are almost 50%. When the green zero is included, this 50% chance goes down to 48.6%. The casino lives solely from this house advantage. So a meagre 1.4%.

While a losing streak sometimes makes it seem like the casino is withholding all stakes, this is not the case. This is because most of the losses a player suffers are paid back to one (or more) other happier players in the form of winnings. In any case, statistically speaking, 1.4% remain with the casino.

Of course, you need a large number of players for this. In addition, it makes for a profitable business model. Or, according to Berthold Brecht: "What is a break-in in a bank versus founding a bank?". Casinos are therefore interested in finding players who like to test their luck and who come back frequently.

For this purpose, the online casinos (in contrast to classic casinos) offer different casino bonus offers. The way they do this is by doubling or tripling your deposit, for example, and offering some free spins on top of that.

Nevertheless, casinos have to make profits. So if we keep the 1.4% house advantage of online casinos in the back of our minds, one should be very careful when unrealistically high bonuses are offered anywhere. Therefore, offers such as 200% up to € 1000 or even 500% up to € 2000 should be treated with caution.

It is relatively easy for casinos that offer such high bonuses and fail to make any profit to become insolvent relatively quickly, and are therefore no longer on the market. Or something dubious is going on behind the scenes so that you never get your winnings, or the games offered are biased by nature.

The casinos that we test on All Casino Bets are all reputable, by the way. We will not list something negative, even with the slightest suspicion, if we notice something harmful.

Is it an online casino with a deposit bonus?

Many online casinos offer a deposit bonus and other great bonuses and promotions. The question here is what the conditions for this are like. Because such an online casino with a deposit bonus often limits the number of winnings, or the bonus is only available for a short time. Then the bonuses are, of course, still suitable for getting to know the casino. But relatively less to make enormous profits.

At All Casino Bets, we always take a close look at such conditions and list them clearly. However, it is always worthwhile to take a quick look at these conditions before depositing any money. Casinos also reserve the right to modify these bonus and credit conditions at any moment.

What's in the fine print?

Another point is the terms and conditions or terms of use of online casinos. Because it's practically always the same: the devil is in the details. Many experts generally advise ignoring the services advertised in capital letters (no matter where) and instead concentrating on the small print.

Read here exactly which conditions apply. In contrast to the German legal system, where consumers are always well protected, what is agreed in the contract often applies in the English system. The only thing you can do in case of doubt, even if you consider this borderline, is to file a complaint.

And of course, this is only worthwhile if you have won a lot. So it is mostly not worth the effort and expense. That is why it is particularly beneficial to look at the terms and conditions of use and bonuses in online casinos.

Invest some effort in finding your online casino

And to be completely honest: ideally, you only look for a single online casino in which you can then play for years. At least that's the ideal situation. So invest a little effort in research and take a look at the terms of use to be sure that your winnings will reach you reliably.

There are three things you should keep in mind here:

  • Do you get jackpots paid out in full, or does the casino reserve the right to pay them out in annual installments?
  • If you win a jackpot, do you commit to promoting the casino? This doesn't have to be a bad thing. However, you should be aware of this beforehand to know what you are getting yourself into.
  • Are there any other terms that you do not understand or disagree with?

If you have any questions, always contact customer service and have everything explained to you. If they are unwilling to assist you, find another casino. Always keep a copy of these transcripts sent to you by email in case of a dispute.

What impression does the casino make on you?

Another important factor is, of course, the personal impression that the casino makes on you personally. Not every casino that comes across in Canada, for example, is dubious per se. In any case, it is worth thinking about whether you want to play in a casino that isn't willing or unable to hire professional translators to expand their business. Regardless of those things, you tend to trust your gut - especially when you're talking about money.

What can you find in our best online casino review?

Online casinos in Canada that DO NOT disappoint?

We are fans of online gambling ourselves. Here are some points we find important when looking for an online casino. First of all, of course, whether an online casino is also suitable for Canadian players. Apart from that, we pay attention to which online casino games are available. Whether the online casino offers a live casino, many players like this "more social" version.

Then we see if you can make significant profits with the online casino games - for example, on jackpot slots. Of course, all slots offer the chance to win - but a life-changing jackpot isn't everywhere. In our opinion, the best casino providers are reputable companies that are transparent and have the suitable game ready for all preferences. Of course, the online game of fun, the license and security, and the customer service count here. In the end, it is important to guarantee that the profits are paid out in a trustworthy way.

In our casino reviews, you will find:

  • Information about the company that supports the casino.
  • International reputation, if they have it.
  • Licenses around the world.
  • Updated bonuses.
  • Detail about your payment methods.
  • Description of your customer service channels.
  • Comments from other players.
  • Casino Pros & Cons.
  • A final judgment and score.

Differences between online casinos and land-based casinos

Online casinos vs land-based casinos

Why should you play in an online casino? And what are the differences between online casinos and land-based casinos? In this section, we go into the differences between online and land-based casinos in more detail and show the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of online casinos over land-based casinos

  • Online casinos are available to everyone. In land-based casinos, you depend on where the nearest casino was built. Some casinos also do not allow people who live nearby to play there. This is intended to protect players, but it can also be interpreted as paternalism. In addition, classic casinos always have opening times. This is not the case with an online casino; you can play there on public holidays and at night without any problems or restrictions.
  • Save yourself the long journey and return home. And anyway, you save a lot of money when you play from home. Catering in land-based casinos costs at least as much as in a pub. On the other hand, in the online casino, you fall back on what you have in your own refrigerator. Has less style, but it doesn't cost too much. And you eat and drink what you like best instead of having to submit to the availability of regional cuisine and keep prices in mind. Playing in an online casino is also cheaper than in a land-based casino.
  • No dress code. Put on a suit and tie, pretty shoes and go to the casino in a fluffy fashion. That's something. And last but not least, it also ensures that the atmosphere in the land-based casino is extraordinary. Nevertheless, this is also associated with effort and costs. Those who prefer it dignified are much more comfortable in casual clothes in the online casino. In other words: online casinos have no dress code and no rules of conduct.
  • Better payout ratio. Then there is, of course, the payout ratio, which is significantly higher in an online casino than in a conventional, land-based gambling hall. There is no doubt about it. The classic casinos are located in huge, time-honoured splendid buildings, which continue like a red thread inside. Red carpets, chandeliers and gold decorations cost more money than a beautiful website. And if every table game has to have its own croupier, that is also more expensive than if a croupier in the live casino can handle countless games online simultaneously. In online casinos, instead of a payout ratio of around 60%, you get a stately 96-98%.

Best online casinos in Canada with no deposit bonus

Free casino money

If you like to take advantage of the generous welcome bonuses from online casinos, then no deposit bonuses are, of course, ideal for you. The casinos provide you with a bonus for which you do not have to make a deposit yourself.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that no casino in the world has anything to give away. The no deposit bonus is therefore often subject to severe restrictions. For example, the maximum winnings are limited, and the balance is too often relatively low. Nevertheless, some find the sparrow in hand better than the pigeon on the roof. At least for online casinos.

So if despite everything, you want to benefit from such offers, We have created an article for you where you can find the best deals and some more information on the subject. Take a look right here: Online casinos with no deposit bonus.

We wish you luck and recommend that you play responsibly. Control your bankroll and do not bet more than your pocket allows you. Online casinos are entertainment, and they shouldn't become a problem!

Is it possible to win real money at online casinos?

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Yes, of course, it is possible! There are surprising cases of people who have changed their lives on a roll.

However, it is not something that happens every day. It will likely be a long time before you have a stroke of luck.

That is why we recommend playing with caution:

  • Stick to a reduced schedule.
  • Do not abuse the bonuses.
  • Avoid betting more than you can afford.

Winning at online casinos is possible, but the house has the upper hand like all games of chance.

What characterizes reliable online casinos?

Independent & Trusted Online Casino

Casinos that are reliable typically have legal backing, such as a reputable license. But also, it is essential to verify that they have a good reputation among players.

The license has positive and negative aspects:

  • Positive: there is a guarantee of legality in the case of the license
  • Negative: this means there are a LOT of options.

For this reason, the opinion of other players is so relevant. Even as relevant as the legality of the online casino. In our article on online casinos, you will find the most relevant ones.

Another question you can ask yourself is in which other countries does it operate? It is not a good sign if it is not very well recognized in other countries where online gambling is legal.

Chance is not guaranteed by the casino

Using algorithms (RNGs), software and technology guarantees that the player's luck is not brought by the casino itself but by mathematics.

However, not all software is as reputable as others. Pay attention to online casinos that work with game providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Play'n Go, Yggdrasil, among others: then you are safe!

You can check this on the casino's homepage or even after opening a slot; at the beginning, you will see the titles, among which will be the provider that has designed the slot machine or the game in particular.

Payment methods

The most recommended online casinos offer all the most recognized payment methods.

Look for the most common ones, such as online casinos with a debit card:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Remember that you give part of your payment information when playing in online casinos. So it is better to use reliable options. The safest will always be online casinos with bank transfers or even those casinos that accept Trustly.

So what differentiates one online casino from another?

Which online casino is the best?

Several things:

  • The game software they work with.
  • The games they offer.
  • Their bonuses and terms & conditions.
  • Payment methods.
  • Withdrawal times.
  • Minimum deposit.

Withdrawal times, in particular, turn out to be important when choosing online casinos. But you are also likely to be interested in finding out the minimum deposit, as they vary from casino to casino. We have developed a list of the casinos with a minimum deposit of 10 dollars and another of the casinos with a minimum deposit of 20 dollars.

It is notorious that some online casinos pay faster than others. This is undoubtedly only possible to find out by reading and researching the casino's reputation.

What is allowed and what is not when playing in online casinos?

Follow Casino T&C!

Although, of course, the player is the one who must be more cautious, there are also several things that are not allowed when playing in online casinos in Canada. Between them:

Play connected to a VPN

You wonder why a casino would care where you are playing from?

Well, most of the casinos in Canada are relatively strict. They do not allow users from another country to register with the casino.

For legal reasons, those countries where gambling online is legal, such as Canada, are prohibited from receiving players from other parts of the world.

But that's not all: as we already mentioned, Canadians cannot even open online casinos that are not legal in their country in their browsers. There are exceptions, but it is not recommended to play in them. Not even if you do it connected to a VPN.

Although you would pass the IP filters (your computer would be "virtually" connected from another part of the world), it is pretty dangerous.

Some online casinos licensed outside of Canada are not considered within the Canadian jurisdiction. This means that you have no backup!

If a casino does not pay you or has a serious inconvenience, you will not have the authority to help you.

Bonus abusers

You may wonder how someone can abuse casino bonuses? It's not that easy anymore! Not like 15 years ago, when online casinos were still in their infancy and technology was just getting started. Things have changed dramatically since then.

Online casinos have strict wagering requirements and departments within their company in charge of monitoring and evaluating whether or not a specific player's winnings are clean.

This did not happen before! In the old days, casino players - who were quite astute - managed to beat the terms and conditions of a bonus quickly. For example, by betting on high volatility slots and then moving to low volatility slots.

Today, most casinos sanction this type of strategy. In fact, bonus slots can rarely be 'cheated'.

Have several accounts under the same address / IP

This is terrible news. Especially if you and your dad - both of legal age - gamble at online casinos and live under the same roof.

Today, playing in a casino is impossible, much less using two different bonuses using the same IP.

The recommended thing: if there are several people interested in betting in casinos at the same address, they should play under the same account.

We understand that nobody likes the idea too much!


This is not and never was allowed. Minors are simply banned from online casinos, and it is best not to try to use false documentation.

Don't think you are smarter! All casinos, or at least legal ones, will ask you to verify your identity to continue playing.

If you have any questions, below you will find the most frequently asked questions about online casinos answered.

Casino Insider and Guide

All Casino News


Casinos commonly asked questions

Do online casinos give away money?

Some do. You find the entire list of them in our free casino section . Still, to withdraw winnings, you will need to meet the wagering requirements

How do I know if a casino is reliable?

All of our listed casinos are tested and good to play for Canadian users.

How do I know which is the best casino to play in Canada?

In general, the best casino is the one that has good game providers, effective customer service, and various payment methods.

How to win real money in online casinos?

There is no single strategy. The best way is to play wisely and choose games in which you feel more comfortable and safe playing.

How do I withdraw money from an online casino?

It will depend on the payment method you have chosen. Generally, you should go to your profile and click on withdraw' or 'transactions'. Once the request is made, it will take 24-72 hours for the casino (depending on the casino) to process your transaction.

What do I need to start playing at online casinos?

In the case of online casinos in Canada, you need to have a photo of your ID and a payment method where you want to make transactions. Technologically speaking, you will not need more than a computer / mobile / tablet to start playing.

What games are available in online casinos in Canada?

Slots, online roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Bingo and Live Roulette.

Where can I find the best online casinos?

All Casino Bets team has gone through the hundreds of casinos available online and listed the best of them on its website. See our full list of the best online casinos on our page.

Are online casinos cheating?

Online casinos and the games they offer usually come from a third party, the gaming provider. The casino itself has very little to do with how the game works. Game manufacturers are also subject to a game license and their games are tested at regular intervals to ensure that the random number generator works flawlessly. The tests are performed by a third party.

Which online casinos are the most popular?

The most popular online casinos are mainly long-term players in the industry. Old online casinos are not the most popular reason. They have not made unnecessary promises, so they have managed to win the trust of the players. These casinos have been studied by thousands of European players every month, which is a good achievement when the competition between online casinos is really fierce. In addition, the most popular casinos have a good selection of games, transparent bonus terms and generously reward their loyal players.